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Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some of the frequently asked questions about electronic ignition systems and NewTronic Contactless Optical Electronic Ignition Kits.

NewTronic motorcycle ignitionHow does the electronic ignition system work?

What does the ignition kit contain?

Is the kit easy to fit?

What type of ignition coils should I use with the kit?

My model is not listed, do you manufacture a kit for it?

What should I do if I have a problem fitting the kit or if I suspect there is a fault?

How do I time up my new ignition system?

Q: How does the ignition system work?

The points are replaced by optical pick-ups/triggers which consist of an infra-red lamp and sensor, there could be one, two or three of these pick-ups per lamp set depending on the vehicle.

A plastic or metal rotor with a cut out blade is fitted on to the points cam/ATU or replaces the points cam/ignition drive shaft. As the rotor rotates, it blocks the infra-red light from the sensor until it reaches the cut-out, at this point a signal is sent to the switching unit/amplifier which fires your coil(s) depending on which pick-up has sent the signal.

One of the main benefits of this system is there are no contacting parts, so once it's set up and timed you can forget about it!

Q: What does the ignition kit contain?

NewTronic kit
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(actual contents may vary slightly depending upon the model of bike)

All ignition kits contain the following:-

  • Optical trigger(s): The lamp set supplied consists of one, two or three optical triggers connected to a long wire lead to be connected to the switching unit.
  • Mounting for Optical Trigger(s): This will be a new baseplate, segment plate or adapter plate depending on the kit.
  • Rotor(s): In some kits there are several rotors supplied to increase the number of motorcycles that kit will fit.
  • Switching Unit: This will be a single, twin, or triple channel switching unit depending on the motorcycle.
  • A wiring loom is supplied with the correct type of connector for your bike to connect the switching unit to the coils and the switched live feed. 
  • Sticky Pad: An industrial strength sticky pad is supplied to stick the switching unit in a convenient place.

Extras: All necessary screws are supplied. Some kits also have different size spacers to raise or lower the height of the pick-ups if necessary.

Note: A small amount of Loctite or similar thread loc should be used on all screws.

Q: Is the ignition kit easy to fit?

Yes, the kits are easy to fit. If you are capable of replacing points and timing your bike/car then the kit should be no problem at all. As a guide it should take you between 1 to 2 hours start to finish, including timing!

Q: What type of ignition coils should I use with the kit?

The ignition system is designed to use the original coils for your vehicle, this significantly reduces the cost of converting to electronic ignition. Replacement coils should be not less than 3 Ohm primary resistance.

Q: My model is not listed, do you manufacture a kit for it?

NewTronic ignition kits are only currently available for road bikes with points and coils. (Aermacchi, Benelli, BMW, BSA, Ducati, Enfield, Honda, Jawa, Kawasaki, Moto Guzzi, Moto Laverda, MV augusta, MZ, Norton, Suzuki, Triumph, Yamaha).

Contact us with your requirements and let us know what you are looking for.

Q: What should I do if I have a problem fitting the kit or if I suspect there is a fault?

Run through the fault finding chart included with the kit (printed in red), and if you are still having no luck, contact NewTronic technical support department by phone, fax or email. (Tel:+44 0207 403 4334, Fax:+44 0207 378 1270, email:

In the unlikely event you have to return a kit for testing/repair, send as much back as possible, with a description of the symptoms and when they occur, including full make and model details for the vehicle and a contact number.

The manufacturer cannot be held responsible for returns that do not reach them because they are lost in the post, use registered post. If you are returning a unit from outside the U.K. you must state to your carrier that it is being returned as "WARRANTY RETURN - NO COMMERCIAL VALUE" otherwise it may be refused because of customs duties..

Q: How do I time up my new ignition system?

Timing your new ignition system is the same as for points - consult your manual.

When timing the engine, you should be out of direct bright light, and when timed up, all covers need to be replaced on the engine before it is taken outside and run, or it will not run correctly. The triggers/pick-ups in the system use infra-red light, and an outside source of light will interfere with them.

When timing a two stroke that has the timing marks near where the triggers are located, the static method should be used, preferably with a dial gauge for accuracy. Using a strobe light can cause false readings, as the strobe will be shining on the triggers. A strobe light is only necessary for engines that have a mechanical advance and retard system and not for 2 strokes, which nearly always fire at the same point throughout the revs.


What customers have said:

"I installed my Newtronic ignition this past weekend, the job went very well, taking about an hour from start to riding off and trying it out. I've owned the '71 BMW since new, and have always done my own work. I found the directions easy to follow and the kit seems to be very sturdy and fits very well. The bike idles more smoothly and seems to pull a bit better from low Revs. Thanks for the great product." Ray S. Iowa, USA

"Thank you once again for your concern and help, I still say your electronic ignition is far far superior to points." C.P. - Cornwall

"I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with your Electronic Ignition fitted to my Kettle (Waterbuffalo here in the states). In 35 years of motorcycling I've never seen a better engineered or better performing kit than yours. The bike is an absolute joy to ride. What better way to get more enjoyment than to order more kits for some other machines." Hans - Washington - USA

"Timing the Newtronic was a lot easier than points. I always found the setting would wander a bit when tightening the points plate down. Didn't happen with the Newtronics." Glenn - Canada



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